One of the most enjoyable ways to get exercise is by going on hikes and walks through beautiful, scenic places. Not only is this kind of exercise great for your health, but spending time out in nature with fresh air is incredible for your mental wellness too. 

When living or staying in a city like Brighton, it can be difficult to know where to hike for scenic views and nature spots. In this article, we are listing some of our favourite hike routes around Brighton, away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. 

All of these hike routes require an intermediate level of fitness – you don’t need to be a hiking expert, but you do need to be comfortable walking on varying terrains for a long period of time. 


Coldean Woodland and Forest Hike Route

2 hours 26 minutes

5.55 miles

Starting point: Wild Park Bus Station

This route starts in Coldean – a suburb of Brighton and Hove. More specifically, it begins at the Wild Park Bus Station so, if you don’t live nearby, you can easily catch the bus to the starting point of this route. 

If you are looking to get into nature and roam through forests and woodlands, then this hike is for you. At 2.45 miles, you’ll enter High Park wood. From here, you can see beautiful views of the Sussex Downs – it’s an excellent place to watch the sunset (although you may not be hiking at this time of day!). High Park wood is filled with bluebells and carpets of beautiful flowers during the Spring, so we highly recommend visiting at this time of year. 

Best Hike Routes Near Brighton

At 3.52 miles, you’ll enter Grubbings forest. This forest is filled with beautiful ponds and woodlands that will definitely bring a sense of peace to your hike. 

Coldean Hike Routes


Ditchling Beacon Hike Route

3 hours 21 minutes

7.65 miles

Starting point: Upper Moat Lodge Car Park

This hike route is another excellent one for views and nature, but it also allows you to visit the incredible Chattri monument towards the end. 

At 2.89 miles, you’ll reach Ditchling Beacon. The views from this point are simply breathtaking, especially at sunrise if you fancy an early morning hike! 

At 3.6 miles, you will reach this beautiful pond with a lone tree seen in the image below.

Ditchling Beacon Hike Route

At 5.44 miles, you’ll find the Chattri Monument. This was built as a memorial to the Hindus and Sikhs who died during the first world war, and were cremated right here on the Sussex Downs. Not only is the monument itself a sight to see, but the views from this point are incredible. 

Ditchling Beacon Hike Routes


Beacon Mill Hike Route

4 hours 15 minutes

9.75 miles

Starting point: Brighton Train Station

Unlike the others, this hike is situated far more centrally in Brighton. It runs across the seafront, giving you great views of the water, but also has some hidden gems along the way. 

At 1.63 miles, you’ll reach a high point that gives you incredible views right over Whitehawk – a suburb of Brighton. This view is especially good when it’s dark because of the way the houses light up the town, but we don’t particularly recommend hiking at night! 

At 3.87 miles, you’ll reach Ovingdean Grange – a grade II listed manor house. This is one of the oldest and most historical residences in Brighton. It even gave its name to the novel Ovingdean Grange by William Harrison Ainsworth! Opposite the house is the 11th century parish church of St Walfrans. Both of these historical buildings are a great thing to see, bringing a little extra excitement to your hike. 

Beacon Mill Hike Route

At 4.67 miles, you will find a picnic spot with incredible views all the way to worthing. This is an excellent spot for lunch, with views of rolling green hills for miles.

At 4.96 miles, you’ll reach Beacon Mill – yet another historical building on this route. This grade II listed smock mill was built in 1802, and is an excellent sight with views of the sea on the other side. 

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