The TikTok trend created a huge buzz around chlorophyll supplements. TikTokers around the world swear by this secret remedy – one glass of chlorophyll water every morning to increase energy, clear skin, aid weight loss, and even reduce body odour.

Believe it or not, chlorophyll supplements aren’t such a new, secret thing. They’ve been around for years and many people have been aware of chlorophyll’s benefits for a long time. It seems Gen-Z is late to the party, but they certainly know how to spread the word fast. 

So, do chlorophyll supplements really work? Or is this just another TikTok craze? Let’s find out… 

What is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is a green pigment found in most green vegetables – it’s what gives them their vibrant colour, but it also contains loads of vital nutrients that plants need to survive. 

The foods most abundant in chlorophyll are leafy greens such as spinach or alfalfa. However, many people prefer to take chlorophyll in a concentrated supplement form because it’s so much easier to get a good amount of the stuff. 

Just like eating a lot of spinach, taking chlorophyll supplements is thought to have some pretty amazing benefits for your health. This includes anti-ageing, acne reduction, energy boosting, and improved red blood cell production. 


What does Chlorophyll do for you?

Here’s the bit you’ve all been waiting for – does this magical green stuff really work? 

The slightly surprising answer here (as TikTok crazes are often a load of rubbish) is yes – chlorophyll supplements can work very well for many people. 

1. Skin

Studies suggest that chlorophyll can reduce signs of photoaging. Photoageing means premature ageing that is caused by the sun or artificial tanning beds, for example, wrinkles, dullness, or dark spots. 

Chlorophyll has also been shown to reduce inflammation and bacterial growth in the skin, meaning it may help your skin to heal from wounds, rashes, soreness or dryness more quickly. 

Lastly, studies have shown that, in some cases, chlorophyll can reduce facial acne and even minimise large pores.

2. Odour

Studies have shown that chlorophyll can help to improve body odour, and can even diminish the smell of our… um… bodily gases (yes, we mean flatulence). 

In fact, chlorophyll is even used in some deodorants and mouthwashes, thanks to its anti-odour properties. 

3. Blood

It’s also been suggested that chlorophyll helps to increase blood cell production – red blood cells carry oxygen around the body and are therefore vital for our health and keeping us alive.

This suggests that chlorophyll may be able to help people who suffer from conditions like anemia. 

4. Weight Loss

Many people claim that chlorophyll is the secret tool that boosted their weight loss. It’s thought that it can decrease the appetite, decrease spikes in insulin which lessens food cravings, and quicken weight loss – some studies have supported these claims. 

5. Energy

Another of the top TikTok claims is that chlorophyll can boost your energy. Since it is the primary molecule essential for photosynthesis - the process of turning sunlight into energy for plants - this somewhat makes sense, intuitively. 

Chlorophyll is a nutrient present in many green vegetables and other plant-based foods like algae – all of which are known to improve energy levels. 

6. Antioxidants & Nutrients 

Perhaps the best thing about chlorophyll is this – it’s a super potent antioxidant that is incredibly nutrient rich, making it great for our internal health.

It is essential to the survival of plants because it contains all of these nutrients that can be beneficial to humans too. Chlorophyll is wonderfully rich in vitamins A, C, K, and E, as well as minerals including magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium. 

This means that chlorophyll can help to support everything from blood health to healthy skin and vision. 

It’s not rocket science – vitamins and minerals are the foundation to good health, so it’s no surprise that chlorophyll supplements have worked wonders for so many people. 

How do you use Chlorophyll supplements?

Most chlorophyll supplements will come in the form of a liquid – a highly concentrated chlorophyllin extract. You simply need to add this liquid to water - a larger glass is better - then stir and watch it turn green, sort of like a kale and spinach smoothie. Drink once per day for best results.The natural flavour of chlorophyll is a subtle mintiness with earthy undertones. It basically tastes exactly like how you’d expect a healthy drink to taste. It is pleasant, refreshing, and mainly tastes like water when added to a large glass.

Try chlorophyll supplements for yourself, here are a couple of our favourites: