During the colder months of the year, germs tend to spread further and faster and our immune systems can be weaker. Plus, there is much less sunlight which can lead to vitamin D deficiencies.

These factors can mean we get unwell more often, feel less happy or find it more difficult to cope with stress, and lack energy or motivation.

Luckily, with help from the right vitamins and minerals, we can avoid or minimise these common winter concerns. In this article, we'll be sharing 4 must-have supplements to take this winter. 


You Should Take a Vitamin D3 Supplement in Winter

One of the most obvious vitamins we need to supplement during the winter is vitamin D3. This is because we get the majority of our natural vitamin D from sunlight, and it’s no secret that most of us don’t get enough natural sunlight during the winter. The days are shorter and darker, plus we spend less time outside in general. 

In fact, the NHS recommends that you take a vitamin D supplement daily between the months of October and March. 

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The Benefits of Mullein

Another supplement you should consider using during the winter is Mullein.

Mullein is a unique plant that has been used by herbalists for centuries due to its natural ability to soothe throat and lung-related issues. 

The Mullein Leaf has powerful anti-inflammatory effects for the skin, mouth, throat, and digestive system. It's excellent for keeping the respiratory system and digestive system healthy. 

So, using a Mullein leaf supplement is a great idea in winter when many of us suffer from colds, sore throats, and even the flu (or Coronavirus!). 

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Why Vitamins A & E Are Important in Winter

Vitamin A and E are both vital for keeping the immune system functioning properly. 

A combination of both of these vitamins is ideal in the winter. Many people’s immune systems are weaker during the winter as cold temperatures seem to suppress it. Plus, viruses and diseases tend to thrive in colder temperatures meaning the risk of infection is even higher.

The Immunity Supplement from Core contains a blend of both vitamin A and vitamin E to keep your immune system working strong! It helps to protect your insides from both external diseases and internal imbalances in the body. 

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Maca Root

The Maca plant's root is an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, copper, zinc, calcium, and iron. For this reason, maca root is often used as a natural remedy for a whole host of health benefits. 

Maca root supplements can help to keep the immune system healthy, boost physical and mental performance, boost the energy, and improve the mood.  

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