Wellness is for everyone. We all need it. And we all deserve it. 

But many of us live such busy lives that we struggle to make the necessary changes to achieve it. 

This is why we created the A Guide to Better Wellness ebook: to give you practical, actionable advice on how to get more wellness into your world – and enjoy the positive results that follow.

In this 34 page guide, you’ll find easy recipes and at-home exercises that you can introduce to your life today.

We’ve worked alongside some world-leading personal trainers, sports nutritionists and health experts to share their valuable knowledge and specialist tips.


Rosie Millen @missnutritionist

Rosie Millen is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist who set up her company Miss Nutritionist in 2010. 

In 2014, she collapsed from too much stress and was bed bound for three years straight. After being diagnosed with severe burnout she had to make a lot of difficult changes to get back on her feet. Now she is 100% recovered, she specialises in fatigue and helps men and women to regain their energy just by making changes to their diet and lifestyle. 

She has personally coached thousands of women to increase their energy, helped multiple companies give their employees more energy and written hundreds of blog posts on how to recover from burnout. She has also just published her first book on the subject: Burnout’s a B*tch - the antidote to the overworked world we live in.

In the guide, you’ll find 3 delicious and healthy recipes crafted by Rosie, all packed with nutrients to help boost your energy levels.


Imogen Kristin @imosgutgoodness

Imo created her Instagram page to provide some easily digestible (if you pardon the pun!), evidence-based information about gut health.

Gut health is super important, affects us all and yet is rarely talked about! Far too many people suffer in silence or are just unaware of how important gut health is – for example, did you know that 70% of the immune system resides in the gut?! And that around 95% of serotonin (the happy hormone) is produced in the gut?!

Consequently, gut health plays a major role in immunity and mental health. This is why she wants to spread awareness of gut health as well as reduce taboo surrounding digestive issues, with the wider aim of promoting health, wellness and positivity. 

In the guide, you’ll find 2 delicious recipes crafted by Imo. They are pink-themed and help to promote good gut health. What could be better?!


Danny Webber @webbernutrition 

Danny is a registered Performance Nutritionist with over 8 years’ experience in supporting athletes of all levels, ranging from the everyday exerciser to elite professionals within a variety of sports, including football, rugby, table tennis, golf, powerlifting, boxing and other make-weight sports, and a variety of endurance and ultra-endurance disciplines. 

Through his consultancy, Danny adopts an evidence-based, personalised nutrition and coaching strategy with extensive support and guidance to give you the tools and education you require to get the most out of your nutrition and training.

In the guide, you’ll find 3 tasty recipes created by Danny that help to maximise your health, performance and body composition, along with detailed nutritional information.


Jay Revan @jayrevanfit 

Jay Revan is a professional boxing coach, athlete, and personal trainer with a huge wealth of knowledge in health, fitness and performance.

In the ebook, Jay has shared with us some of the best exercises and stretches to relieve back pain, improve posture, and increase strength.

And the best part? You can do them all from your living room! No equipment is needed.

Getting in some exercise daily is super important, but it doesn’t have to be super-intense to be worthwhile. Implementing these quick exercises each day will make big differences to your well-being without leaving you feeling burnt out and exhausted.

So, if you are working from home or sitting at your desk way too often and you need some quick, easy, and effective exercises to keep you active and feeling good, then this is the place to be.


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