Can protein shakes help to aid your weight loss journey?

Do you find yourself constantly hungry after a workout or are you just struggling to make it through until lunchtime without a snaccident? Have you reached your goal weight but are unsure how to maintain it? - Protein shakes can help a bunch!

Protein shakes after a workout?

Protein shakes are not only amazing for helping your body to recover, but they also help to prevent you from running and raiding your fridge as soon as you finish a workout session.

Protein is such an important part of anyone’s diet but if you are particularly active then you will know that post-workout hunger can hit with a vengeance. Having a protein shake straight after your workout session will leave you feeling full and satisfied which can significantly help to aid weight loss as you won’t be unnecessarily going over your calorie deficit.

Protein shakes for weight loss?

Protein isn’t just for those that go to the gym, but it can also help with weight loss in general. A high protein breakfast is essential for weight loss as it can decrease hunger and appetite which will leave you feeling fuller for longer, meaning you won’t be reaching for those pre-lunch time snacks.

Do protein shakes make a good snack?

Yes, If you do find yourself struggling to make it through to mealtimes and just NEED to have a snack to keep you going or just fancy something sweet, then protein shakes are a great alternative. You can add your favourite milk alternative to your protein shakes to keep the calorie count down, almond milk and coconut milk are the lowest in calories especially if you consider the non-sugar versions.

Maintaining weight after putting in all that hard work!

So, you’ve reached your goal weight, you’ve worked your a** off to get your dream body and have worked out your maintenance calories, but now you’re worried that you won’t be able to stick to your new lifestyle.
A high protein diet along with muscle training can really help to keep your metabolism healthy which in the long run will prevent you from gaining back the weight you worked so hard to lose.


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