Covid-19 spurred many changes in our lives – as individuals and as a society. One of these is the way that health and fitness - specifically exercise - changed for many of us. 

Since gyms and fitness classes were forced to close, people had to find new ways to work out and feel good at home. This is what helped propel the rise in popularity of intuitive movement.

It’s no secret that the pandemic had negative effects on the mental health of many people, not to mention the lack of movement from being isolated to our homes every day. So, intuitive movement came as a blessing, since exercise can help to combat both of these problems. 

But what exactly is intuitive movement, and how can it benefit your wellness? Let’s find out… 


What Is Intuitive Movement?

A workout trend that says “Ditch the trends!”

Intuitive movement is redefining health. It’s no longer about becoming skinnier or getting the perfect ‘bikini body’ just in time for summer. 

Unlike much of what we learn growing up, with diet culture and unhealthy trends everywhere we look, intuitive movement is all about falling back in love with your body. 

Rather than implementing a ‘no pain, no gain’ belief, intuitive movement encourages tuning into your body and working out in a way that you actually enjoy


It gives you the freedom to choose

It’s all about doing exercise that feels good to you.

You do what you want. And you do it when you want. Intuitive movement helps to strip back the idea that you must work out aggressively 5 times a week to see results. Instead, it’s all about moving in a way that benefits your own physical and mental health.

And sure, you can lift heavy weights and do cardio 5 days a week if that’s really what you want. The point is, it can be anything. From stretching, to yoga, to a full-on HIIT session – you choose what it is and you choose when to do it.

It can be difficult for some people to determine exactly what exercise they want to do. After years of conditioning the mind to believe that exercise should be some kind of punishment, finding true enjoyment can be difficult. 

Intuitive movement is all about enjoying exercise for the way it makes you feel, and not the way it might make you look. 


It’s about mental health too, not just physical

Like we said above, intuitive movement is all about moving for the purpose of feeling good.

It’s about improving self-love, connecting with your body, relieving stress, and finding enjoyment in your favourite forms of exercise. 

Sure, it will most certainly boost your physical health to start moving your body more effectively. And of course, our physical health is incredibly important. But it’s not about trying to look a certain way on the outside.


What Are The Benefits of Intuitive Movement?

It can improve your relationship with exercise and your body

With intuitive movement, you don’t feel forced to work out. Instead, you do it because you want to. So, it helps to remove that negative association with exercise that many of us have.

Intuitive movement also gives you a new reason to exercise, aside from wanting to look a certain way. This helps to take the pressure off your physical appearance, allowing you to build a more meaningful relationship with your body. 


It improves your motivation to work out

Again, there is no forceful nature associated with intuitive movement. You don’t have to work out if you don’t want to!

When you’re doing something purely for the purpose of enjoyment, it’s much easier to feel motivated to do it.


You’re more likely to exercise and stay fit

A lot of the time, people implement an ‘all or nothing’ approach when it comes to exercise. 

If we are trying to stick to a strict (and frankly, exhausting) exercise regimen, it’s easy to fall back and then give up altogether.

But with intuitive movement, you can’t exactly quit. This means you’re far more likely to stick to it, and you’ll probably end up exercising way more frequently than you ever expected. 

And of course, exercise has loads of benefits for our physical and mental health: 

  • Improves sleep
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Improves mood
  • Improves fitness levels
  • Increases strength
  • Improves cardiovascular health

… and much, much more.

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