We answer your top 5 questions about liquid chlorophyll. This should bring you some clarity on this incredible supplement.


What Does Chlorophyll Do?

Chlorophyll is a green pigment found in many plants and green vegetables – it is what gives the plants their green colour.

Chlorophyll also contains loads of vital nutrients that keep plants alive. This is why eating green is so good for our health – greens are packed with nutrients!

We can extract chlorophyll from these green plants and use it to make supplements for humans. Commonly, spinach and alfalfa plants are used to make supplements because both are very rich in chlorophyll. You probably won't get much chlorophyll in your diet without using supplements, since you'd have to eat a lot of leafy greens. 

Chlorophyll is water soluble and the supplements come in a highly concentrated form. Therefore, you should add liquid chlorophyll supplements to water and drink daily to boost your health.

Chlorophyll Water

What Is Chlorophyll Water?

As we mentioned above, you can add chlorophyll supplements to water. This creates chlorophyll water.

Chlorophyll water drops contain a high concentration of chlorophyllin extract. This is water-soluble and is much easier for the body to absorb.

You simply add the suggested amount of chlorophyll to water and mix together. We would recommend the Core Nutrition Liquid Chlorophyll – you add 1ml to water and drink 1-3 times per day. Each 1ml contains 100mg of chlorophyll, meaning you will have up to 300 milligrams per day. 

Drinking chlorophyll is a great way to use chlorophyll supplements. The body absorbs it much better than tablets – we’ll discuss this in more detail below.


What Can Chlorophyll Do For Humans?

Chlorophyll contains loads of vital nutrients and antioxidants, similarly to green tea. This includes vitamins A, C, K and E, and minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium.

These are all critical for us and can help with things from skin health, to blood health, to vision.

There is a long list of potential health benefits of chlorophyll. But it may work in different ways for different people.

It’s thought that one effect of chlorophyll water drops may be reducing signs of photoaging. This includes wrinkles, dullness, or dark spots caused by sun exposure or tanning beds.

It’s also thought that chlorophyll may help to reduce acne and minimise large pores.

Chlorophyll supplements may also help reduce body odour, acting as an ‘internal deodorant’.

It’s also been suggested that chlorophyll benefits the production of our red blood cells. This is vital for our health and could be especially good for people with conditions such as anaemia, although you may want to speak to a professional for medical advice.

It’s also thought that chlorophyll water may help boost weight loss. In particular, for those who struggle with weight management. It may help to suppress the appetite and unnecessary cravings.

Lastly, many people claim that liquid chlorophyll benefits their energy levels.

If you're wondering about side effects, there aren't any! As long as you do not exceed the recommended daily dose (since more is not always merrier), you shouldn't experience any adverse effects. 

Liquid Chlorophyll Supplement

What Does Chlorophyll Taste Like?

Natural chlorophyll liquid has a subtle grassy flavour. It carries that same fresh earthiness that you can taste in veggies like spinach, alfalfa, or kale.

The Core Nutrition liquid chlorophyll has a natural peppermint flavour. This creates a super refreshing, minty, and healthy taste. This taste is subtle since you mix the supplement with water – it mainly tastes like a fresh glass of water!


Do Chlorophyll Tablets Work The Same As Liquid?

Chlorophyll drops and tablets contain the same stuff, but they do work a bit differently.

Tablets and capsules need to be broken down in your body to extract the chlorophyll. But, when drinking chlorophyll liquid supplements, nothing needs to be broken down. This means the product is absorbed and used by the body much more easily.

Basically, there is 1 less step in the digestive process when you use liquid chlorophyll. So these supplements tend to be more effective than chlorophyll capsules or tablets.

If you want to try chlorophyll supplements, we recommend the Core Nutrition Liquid Chlorophyll. It contains 60 servings for a 2 month supply and has a tasty peppermint flavour.