Vitamin shots are everywhere these days, from influencers to personal trainers, we cannot escape the little bottles of goodness from appearing all over our social media feeds. No doubt after you’ve read this blog, there will be targeted ads popping up all over your computer or phone too, you are welcome!

Our lives are becoming increasingly busy, we are continuously multitasking at all hours of the day, and our attention spans are rapidly decreasing. We are always on the look-out for products that make our lives easier, let’s face it, it’s how technology works, right?

Vitamin shots are a great addition to a healthy balanced diet.


Are vitamin shots a good alternative to tablets?

Vitamin shots are basically just that, an alternative to their tablet sisters but in a much easier to consume and practical form for those of us with busy lifestyles, that do pretty much every task whilst on the go. You also don’t have to worry about dry swallowing a nasty tasting pill because you didn’t have a drink handy either.

A study by Consumer Lab shows that liquid vitamins can be absorbed a lot quicker into the body as you are avoiding the risk that the tablet or capsule may not break apart and release the entire ingredients for absorption in the body.

How do vitamin shots taste?

Vitamin shots are generally mixed with ingredients to make them taste great, no one is going to want to shot something that isn’t palatable, although ginger vitamin shots can sometimes be a little fiery.

Most vitamin shots can also be diluted in water if you would prefer something a little milder tasting, but this does take away from the convenience slightly.

Are vitamin shots expensive?

Naturally, vitamin shots are always going to be more expensive than tablet alternatives, purely because a lot more goes into creating them, making sure they taste great and above all, their packaging and branding.

The Hitamin shots are priced at £1.99 each and can be ordered in multiples with a discount, which can add up a little if this is the way you chose to consume your vitamins. However, they are a lot more practical and are definitely a great way to consume the vitamins your body needs when you have a busy, on the go lifestyle.

 Hitamins shots

Key takeaways

Vitamin shots are a great on-the-go alternative for busy lifestyles.

  • They are far easier to consume than traditional vitamin tablets.
  • Vitamin shots can be absorbed quicker into the body.
  • They taste great and can also be diluted in water for a weaker strength.
  • Great for busy lifestyles when you don’t have a drink to hand.
  • They are a slightly more expensive alternative to other forms of vitamins but a lot more practical for busy lifestyles.



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