Having been in and around the sport for over 20 years, I know how daunting it can be when first starting your boxing journey. That's why I have put together a short beginners guide that will help you to better understand the sport. I am to help you build confidence and feel prepared before making your way down to your local boxing gym.


What are the benefits of boxing? Both mentally and physically?

Boxing has many great benefits for both the mind and body. You will see improvements to your muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular system: these are three of the key physical benefits to boxing.

Mentally, through improved sleep quality, three benefits you will notice after taking up boxing are an increase in your focus, a more positive mental state, and better physical recovery.

The Benefits of Boxing & Where to Start

What muscle groups will boxing training target?

Boxing does not just target one specific area of muscles in the body. Boxing is a great full body workout and targets muscles through the lower body such as the gastrocnemius (calf), quadriceps (quads), gluteus maximus (buttocks), all the way up the body through the core, back, deltoids (shoulders), pectorals (chest), biceps and triceps.

Boxing training will help build strength across the whole body, but a strong focus on improving your core and lower body will enable you to box more effectively.


How often do you have to box to see results?

This all comes down to your goals. If you are looking to... 

  • build some strength and lose a little body fat
  • or generally improve your fitness levels

...then you will ideally want to train a minimum of three times per week alongside one or two strength & conditioning sessions.

Remember, consistency is key if you want results.


Want to make a start to your boxing journey at home before heading to a gym? Here’s how to get started.

This all depends on an individuals' budget, but if you want to start boxing at home all you need is:

  • A skipping rope
  • A good pair of training shoes
  • A full length mirror

This basic set up will allow you to start skipping, shadow boxing and working on your basic technique.

A pair of gloves, a punch bag or a pair of boxing pads should also be considered, especially if you have a partner who can hold the pads for you.

Shadow boxing is a great way to keep fit and get your daily fix of boxing training in at home. I generally do 6x 2 minute rounds a day. A few things I work on when shadow boxing would be to keep my hands high, my elbows tucked in at the waist, to move my head after each punch and always punch to my head or body (if using a mirror).


Feeling ready to start your boxing journey? Here are some of London’s best boxing gyms.

As the senior boxing coach at My Manor London, I would recommend coming down to our Victoria SW1 site for your daily or weekly boxing fix. We offer:

  • Two boxing concepts
  • A number of bags as well as a ring
  • Some of Londons best coaches under our roof

I would definitely recommend starting out at a club like My Manor before heading to a traditional amateur gym.

Another top boxing gym I would recommend is Jab Box based in Mayfair. They also have great coaches, great facilities and an awesome concept to get you fighting fit.

Finally, Rathbone ABC based in Fitzrovia. They have a great focus on developing solid amateur boxers as well as offering boxing group fitness concepts for all levels and abilities.


If you are serious about boxing and want to take it further than just keeping fit, remember to take the time to find enjoyment in the sport first. You need to really work on your technique and skill set before finding the right amateur gym for you.