If you’re looking for a spa day to treat yourself and de-stress, check out these options for a bit of quality ‘you’ time. 

Here, we’ve put together a list of excellent spa retreats in London for those who want rejuvenating on a budget, at mid-range or full no-expenses-spared luxury. 

“The time to relax and take a minute for yourself is when you simply don’t have time to do it.”

We know that it can be hard to find the time in your busy schedule to have a proper interruption-free timeout and look after yourself, but it is an essential thing to do. 

“If you feel burnout setting in, if you feel demoralized and exhausted, it is best, for the sake of everyone, to withdraw and restore yourself.” Dalai Lama

Yes, the Dalai Lama recommends a Spa day too! Looking after yourself benefits everyone. And spending a couple of hours, or the day, at a Spa is a great way to restore yourself.

What Are The Benefits of Going to a Spa?

  • De-stress - Spending some time separated from the world in a soothing place which puts your well-being first, will of course help you to relax and clear your mind.
  • Circulation - Massages, saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzis are hugely effective ways of improving your blood circulation and reducing the chances of varicose veins.
  • Anti-ageing - Massages and skin care treatments will stimulate and improve the condition and health of your skin.
  • Happiness - Massages at the spa are known to release serotonin, which is the hormone associated with happiness, and thus helps to improve your mood once your massage has finished.
  • Release toxins - Deep tissue massages will improve circulation and allow the body to release toxins more efficiently. Steam baths and saunas will also stimulate the body into sweating and releasing toxins. Finally, seaweed wraps are also effective in cleaning and cleansing the skin and body of impurities.
  • Better sleep - Massages will of course relax your muscles and being in a calming environment will sooth your body and mind, which of course will lead to a better night's sleep (if you don’t doze off at the spa!)
  • Weight loss - Despite being in a state of calm, massages and steam room treatments actually burn calories, so if in conjunction with a healthy diet, a day at the spa day will work with you if you have weight loss goals. It could be a great and beneficial reward for your discipline!
  • Pain relief - If you've got aches and pains, a therapeutic massage will help your muscles and joints relax and recover. 
  • Fewer headaches - We all suffer from the occasional headache but in times of high-stress they can become increasingly and annoyingly frequent. Head and hand massages help to reduce the tension which may be the cause of the headache in the first place. 

So, now that we have seen why you should go to a spa, let’s have a look at spas in London that can put you first and make you feel like a new you.

The Best Spas in London - on a Budget: £10 - £50

New Docklands Steam Baths - in Canning Town. This traditional Russian bath house offers entry to the steam rooms at just £12 for students and over 75’s, however for professionals under 65 you can have a good cleanse at just £18. Massages are an extra £20 and they also offer Schmeiss - an exfoliating scrub - at an extra fee. If you fancy being struck by a bundle of Birch or oak twig leaves you can enjoy the Venik treatment too - the process stimulates circulation and is of course done by a trained professional!

They advertise that it is a communal experience and socialising is part of the Russian Spa tradition. They have time slots for Men only, Women only and mixed.

Spa Experience London - York Hall, Bethnal Green. Spa experience London has opened up several branches across London and the UK due to its popularity and affordability. They are a modern and well-designed spa centre which offers all the treatments and facilities one wants from a Spa. 

The Best Low Price Spas in London

Massages, thermal spa experience, skin treatments, facials and body therapies are all offered for low prices ranging from £5-45.  However, they also offer FREE experiences too. It is well-worth checking out if you’re looking for a genuine spa experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

The Best Spas in London - Middle Price Range: £50-100

Finding Spas which work in the mid-range is tricky, however BANYA No.1 offers a good package for £65 which includes access to the steam room, icy cold plunge pool, a booth for relaxing and enjoying tea, as well as Parenie thermal treatment. 

London Spa Recommendations Mid Price Range

The Best Spas in London - Total Luxury: £100+

ESPA Life at Corinthia offers the very latest in both design and treatments. It is an ultra- sleek and futuristic spa centre which delivers a variety of luxury treatments. You can enjoy the spa experience from £165, with access to steam rooms, jacuzzis and plunge pools as well as cosying up to a crackling fire. However, for massages, skin care treatments, sleeping pods and comprehensive package deals you’ll be looking at a price tag of at least £300 rising to £500. It is total luxury and you will feel 100% rejuvenated.  

The Best High End Spa London

Aire Ancient Baths under Covent Garden - Yes, UNDER Covent Garden. These ancient Roman baths are spectacular and are worth visiting just to see them. However, you can also enjoy them just as the Romans did for a very reasonable price. Their thermal bath experience goes for £90. However, the rest of the prices rise sharply for massages and couples treatments. 

Luxury Spas in London

If you want to really push the boat out then we recommend the Wine Bath experience for £450. You submerge yourself in a bath filled with wine, whilst enjoying wine. The cost also includes a 60-minute full body massage, a 30-minute craniofacial massage and a leisurely tour of the thermal Roman baths. Utter bliss.

There are hundreds of spas in London but we think that these five should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a guaranteed relaxing and de-stressing experience.