For those who take their health and fitness seriously or those who just want to keep an eye on their daily physical wellbeing, a fitness tracker watch has become a must-have. The technology available is remarkable, and these days the design too has become sleek and elegant. Not only do fitness watches monitor your wellbeing and offer advice (yeah, they do that), they can look space-age cool or vintage classic too.

However, there are a wide range of ‘watches’ to choose from with varying price-tags. 

Here we take a look at some of the best watches on the market today in terms of tech and price, as well as the type of exercise you’re planning to do. We’ll also check out which ones are best for iPhone, Android and Samsung phone owners.

The Best All-Rounder Fitness Tracker Watch - FITBIT CHARGE 4

At around £130, the Fitbit Charge 4 offers excellent tracking technology and design. 

It has built-in GPS, 24/7 heart tracking, oxygen saturation monitoring, skin temperature variation, calorie burn counter, stress monitor, sleep tracking, spotify control, Fitbit App and offers daily fitness challenges. It’s also waterproof. You can find a full features list here

If you’re a runner, a swimmer, a hiker or someone who wants to monitor and improve your general wellbeing, this watch will provide you with the essential tracking technology and tips for improvement. 


The Best Budget Fitness Tracker Watch - LETSFIT FITNESS TRACKER

From £25, this really is a bargain for those who are looking to stay informed and on top of their daily physical activities. 

It has the basics such as calorie counter, heart rate monitor, sleep tracker and pedometer. If you are just starting out and want to make basic improvements to your overall well being, this could be the watch for you. It’s also available for kids and is waterproof.

The Best Outdoor Fitness Tracker Watch - GARMIN FENIX 6 SOLAR

This is a serious piece of kit and the price tag of £649 reflects that. 

If you are someone who spends a great deal of your time outside biking, hiking, running, skiing, surfing, canoeing, climbing and camping; this watch will become your best friend, navigator and coach. 

As you’d expect, it has the very latest state-of-the-art technology for monitoring just about every aspect of your physical wellbeing to pinpoint accuracy. Using GPS and terrain software, it also has detailed knowledge of whatever area you find yourself in and can give options for routes in terms of challenge, time or with a specific physical objective in mind. Or indeed, if you need to find an alternative route quickly.

Being designed with the outdoors at its core, it also has solar battery charging capabilities, meaning it is an ideal partner for longer adventures in the wilderness.

Check out the impressive list of features here.


The Best Fitness Tracker Watch for Running - GARMIN FORERUNNER 745

If running is your life, then the Garmin Forerunner is one of the best watches out there, and at £399.99, it offers real value for money for the abundance of technology crammed in there. It’s actually designed with triathletes in mind so it is fully waterproof and also good for cyclists too.

It’s specifications and features can be found here.

It’s super lightweight and has a classic yet modern design. 

However, if the price tag is a bit on the heavy side, the earlier Forerunner 35 model is a safe bet at £130.

The Best Fitness Tracker Watch for iPhone - APPLE WATCH 6

If you’re an iPhone owner, the brand new Apple Watch 6 is the best tracker for you. With it’s new LED sensors it can now perform blood oxygen checks and ECGs as well as offer a huge list of other features to enhance your performance. 

It can be yours for £399 from Apple stores.

The Best Fitness Tracker Watch for iPhone Android - SUUNTO  7

Android phone users can sync up with this tracker watch from £295. It has easy-to-use apps such as Google Fit, Google Assistant as well as over 70 sports modes, outdoor maps offline with navigation as well as the usual array of tracking apps. It is the most usable watch SUUNTO have produced to date.

The Best Fitness Tracker Watch for Samsung - GALAXY WATCH ACTIVE

At £160, the galaxy active smartwatch is a great partner to samsung phones. It is dust and water resistant, has in-built GPS, heart-tracking tech and allows you to charge it using your phone. It is also linked to Spotify and Strava. It also gives regular notifications on your successful fitness goals. Check out its other features here.


All-in-all, there is a fitness tracking watch for everyone. They are a great tool to not only monitor your fitness but also set challenges to improve.