It has never been easier to get a solid workout than it is now. Gyms, now thankfully reopened, can be found in just about every zone. But with restrictions requiring us to book ahead, the flexibility of coming and going is still out of our hands. This can be a little frustrating if the mood suddenly strikes you to pump some iron! 

Over the course of the year, YouTube fitness workout channels have boomed as YouTubers rightly realised that people stuck at home still wanted to stay fit. Many of us had the aim to keep our figure or at least attempt to fight the new enforced sedentary lifestyle. 

And these channels are in abundance. If you're thinking of doing some guided exercise at home, you may get a little lost in the volume of choice. 

So where do you start when looking for a YouTube channel that is going to give you what you want? 

Fear not, for here we have our top 3 picks for the best YouTube workout channels for you. They are all equipment-free so there’s no need to spend any money or book in at the gym!

Are you looking for short bursts to improve your overall fitness or a more regimented workout for physical strength? Are you thinking of trying dance as a fun way to get into shape? Are you a beginner and want to start slow and work your way up?

Here’s what we think are the best YouTube has to offer:

Starting slow - BodyProject, for busy beginners

This UK founded home workout channel offers 30 minute guided exercises aimed at people who are just starting out on their health and fitness objectives. The husband and wife team of Daniel and Alexandra, parents of 3 children, provide effective, practical and achievable workout routines for all, especially beginners, and have real-life members joining them on each video. 

“We are not fitness models and we don’t exercise for 2 or 3 hours a day, we don’t have the time. We are busy parents with three children and our workouts reflect this; real workouts for real people that deliver real results.”

They are good fun, keep the tempo at a manageable pace and have a horde of success stories already which you can check out here. If your goal is to lose weight, do some low-impact cardio exercises, get some muscle tone, relieve stress and improve general overall mood, these guys are worth trying. 

“I love the variety of workouts and positive words. Workouts are fun. I look forward to my daily workouts with the team.”

If you’re just a beginner and are in need of a bit of British humour as you exercise, we think BodyProject are a safe bet. Have a look at one of their workout videos and see if you agree.


The daily 7-minute burst: StrongNation

If you are really short on time but want to get a solid workout, the master instructors at StrongNation are internationally recognised as being some of the best. They provide 7-minute workouts focussed on a specific area of your body, so one day will be ‘legs’ and the next ‘shoulders’ and so on. It goes without saying, but the 7 minutes are and have to be intense to get results, and you won’t be disappointed. 

The majority of exercises are low-impact, in the sense you can do it at home without equipment, but they certainly will deliver vigorous cardio exercises, improve flexibility, strengthen muscles and muscle tone, and increase your resistance.

You need to be in reasonably good nick to keep up with it! 

As VIBE put it:

“You finish feeling like a champion. Listen, with this workout, you’ll not only sweat like there’s no tomorrow (and feel your heart pounding in your chest), but you’ll feel like you've flexed every muscle in your body.”

StrongNation also specialise in ZUMBA workouts where movements are synched to a heavy beat. 

The team gives great motivation and a serious fitness program where there is no room nor time for anything else but to focus. You will get a sweat on!


Let’s dance - POPSUGAR

POPSUGAR fitness is growing in popularity for a good reason: they provide excellent tutorials and guided workouts for all levels, goals and tastes. They even train the Hollywood celebs.

Almost exclusively female instructor-led, POPSUGAR has proven to be very popular with women subscribers, but this shouldn’t put the men off at all! 

The variety of exercises on offer on their YouTube Channel caters for all: from 7 minutes to 1 hour, low-impact cardio to full-body workout with weights, guided meditation, yoga, kickboxing, Zumba, diet advice and a smorgasbord of others; everyone can find something that suits them.

However, one that is gaining traction is that of dance workouts, and here too POPSUGAR serves up a healthy selection to choose from. At around 30minutes long, you will follow your instructor through a variety of exercises and moves while listening to various genres of music: Latin, African, HipHop, Dance and so on. 

The benefits of exercising to and in rhythm with music are several, first and foremost being it is more fun! It also greatly improves your cardio, flexibility, agility, strength, endurance, balance, spatial awareness and also mental functioning. 

Not only do you work out your body, you also exercise your brain as you step and stretch in time to different styles of music.

So whether you are just starting out, want to try something new or are really short on time but need an intense workout, these three are what we think are the best for you.