In recent years, a larger number of people are taking a keener interest in their health. More specifically, their vitamin intake. 

Or perhaps that’s just us… ?

Either way, it’s estimated that 54% of us are affected by vitamin deficiencies. In order to understand why it’s so important to get the vitamins we need every day, we need to look at the health problems that deficiencies could cause.

A lack of vital vitamins could be the underlying cause of low energy, frequent colds, slow metabolism, low mood, unhealthy hair, skin, or nails, hormonal imbalances, and a whole host of other problems. These may be things that have affected you for so long, you hardly recognise them as a problem anymore. 

Vitamin sprays are an excellent new, innovative way to take care of your health from the inside. They help you to stay topped up on all your essential vitamins to help you feel and look your absolute best. 

But why are oral vitamin sprays so great in comparison to traditional tablets or popular gummies? 

Vitamin sprays have faster absorption

This all comes down to bioavailability – this refers to the amount of a substance that is absorbed and used by your body.

With liquid sprays, the product is more completely and quickly absorbed. Whereas pills, tablets and gummies can take longer to digest, and more of the good stuff can be ‘lost’ along the way. 

Our Core vitamin sprays are plant-based

We only use vegan-friendly ingredients from plants to make our vitamin sprays (not to mention our recyclable packaging made from sugarcane!).

This means they are better for you and for the planet. 

Easy to use

Simply spray the liquid under your tongue 8 times, once per day. This is a super quick and easy way to get your vitamins - no water or hard pills to swallow required! (Pun intended). 

Plus, you can take your little vitamin spray bottle in your bag with you. If you forget to take your vitamins in the morning, it’s no problem – just a few quick spritzes on the train, at your desk, at the park, in the gym – the world is your oyster! 

Enjoyable to Use!

Not only are they super effective and efficient, but our delicious natural flavourings also make our vitamin sprays more enjoyable to use. 

Each of our sprays has its own fruity flavour for a tasty, hassle-free vitamin delivery. 


The Energy Supplement

This supplement helps your body fight off tiredness and fatigue. These vitamins and minerals improve energy levels, motivation, concentration, and metabolism. 

  • B-Vitamins
  • Zinc
  • Chromium
  • Caffeine 

Citrus Fruit Flavour

The Immunity Supplement 

This spray helps to enhance your immune system response so that your body can fight off illnesses more easily and effectively.

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E

Tropical Fruit Flavour


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