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  • GEL30 Caffeine+
  • GEL30 Caffeine+

STYRKR GEL30 Caffeine+


Advanced Dual Carb Gel +Caffeine +L-theanine

Contains the endurance triple-threat: maximum carbs, continual hydration and a noticeable caffeine boost to increase alertness, reduce perceived effort and help you stay focused on the task ahead.

  • Delivers maximum carbs for maximum energy
  • Continually rehydrates and revitalises
  • Fights lethargy and maintains focus
  • Gentle on your stomach

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  • How do I use GEL30 Caffeine+?
  • Why “dual” carbs?
  • How does caffeine help?
  • What’s L-theanine?
  • What does the product contain?
  • Nutritional Information

60ml gel sachet to be consumed directly during endurance activity. Just rip the top and get it down. It combines synergistically with other Styrkr products.

Using two carbohydrates in a 0.8:1 ratio allows for optimum carbohydrate absorption without causing gastrointestinal distress. In other words: maximum energy, minimal fuss.

Caffeine is a well-known stimulant that increases alertness, reduces perceived effort and pain, and helps you stay focused on the task ahead. How much caffeine you require depends on how much you weigh and your tolerance of caffeine. Some trial and error will be necessary.

L-theanine increases alpha wave production, promoting relaxation without causing drowsiness. When combined with caffeine, it increases focus and alertness without any irritation.

  • 25g carbohydrates (maltodextrin, fructose)
  • 150mg caffeine
  • 400mg L-theanine
  • Natural flavouring
  • No added sugar
Nutritional Value Per 100g Per Serving (95g)
Energy 171kcal (7157KJ) 128kcal (536KJ)
Fat (g) 0.01g
Saturated (g) 0g 0g
Carbohydrates (g) 40g 30g
Sugars (g) 17.7g 13.3g
Fibre (g) 0.23g 0.17g
Protein (g) 0.01g 0.01g
Salt (g) 0g 0g
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