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  • SLT05 Caffeine+
  • SLT05 Caffeine+

STYRKR SLT05 Caffeine+


Hydration Quad-Blend Electrolytes

Rapidly rehydrates to revitalise muscles in the same efficient manner as SLT05, but comes with an additional caffeine bump to sharpen the mind.

  • Quad-blend electrolyte mix
  • Continually rehydrates and revitalises
  • Additional caffeine boost
  • Gentle on your stomach

SLT05 is best consumed before and during intense activity and combines synergistically with other Styrkr products.

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  • How do I use SLT05 Caffeine+?
  • Why do I need electrolytes?
  • What does the product contain?
  • Nutritional Information

Powder sachet to be mixed with 200g of water.

For activity over 60 minutes – or in hot conditions – it’s important that electrolytes are used to hydrate. Dehydration increases usage of muscle glycogen and decreases blood volume and digestive function, none of which are beneficial for endurance activity.
SLT05 Caffeine+ helps replace the electrolytes lost in sweat. Water alone can cause bloating, reducing the desire to drink and fluids not being replaced properly.

  • 360mg sodium
  • 280mg potassium
  • 20mg calcium
  • 11mg magnesium
  • 50mg caffeine
  • No unnecessary additives
  • No preservatives, colourants or flavours
  • Great taste
Nutritional Value mg %nrv
Potassium 280 14
Magnesium 11 2.9
Calcium 20 2.5
Caffeine 50 -

Made in England


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