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Wellness Hub: Mental Wellbeing

Mental health is incredibly important, playing a huge part in our overall wellness. Browse our selection of articles covering all things mental health.

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How to boost your energy and avoid the midday slump

How to boost your energy and avoid the midday slump

The pressures of 21st century life can leave many of us feeling fatigued. Many of us have demanding jobs, high stress levels, don’t get adequate s... Continue reading

Breathing techniques to release stress and manage anxiety

Breathing techniques to release stress and manage anxiety

Introducing Transformative Movement Method Founder to the Wellness Factory blog! Continue reading

Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions

Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions!

January always feels like a new chapter and a fresh start that is full of possibilities. Whilst there is no better time than the present moment to ... Continue reading

How To Make a Positive Change
Mental Health

Strategies & Motivation Techniques For Positive Change

“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.” – Brian Tracy You may have heard the word ‘languishing’ doing the rounds over the las... Continue reading

Winter Mental Health Tips
Mental Health

Staying Strong This Winter – 3 Tips For Mental Health

Gone are the days where we were once told to keep calm and carry on, have a stiff upper lip and keep our chins firmly up. These days, mental healt... Continue reading

17 Mood Boosting Tips Mental Health 2021
Diet & Nutrition

15 Mood Boosting Tips

  5 Mood-Boosting Tips: Food and Mood  The first mood boosting tip is to change your diet. What you eat massively dictates how you think, feel and... Continue reading

Top supplements for stress

Which supplements are good for stress?

Too much stress can take its toll on the body – physically and mentally. One of the questions I get asked a lot, as a nutritionist, is "which supp... Continue reading

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