There seems to be an unusual stigma that collagen supplements are only for women. But - as you can probably guess from the title of this article - this isn’t the case at all.

Perhaps this idea arose because collagen is used in lots of beauty-related products, mostly aimed at women. But in actuality, collagen has great benefits for both genders.

Collagen is found pretty much everywhere in the body. We simply need it. But, the problem is, natural collagen production begins to decrease as we age. Sadly, this tends to begin around the age of 25.

As collagen levels drop, it leads to weaker muscles and bones, joint pain, wrinkles in the skin, slowed metabolism, and more. Therefore, using collagen supplements could help to prevent these problems.

Here are our top 5 benefits of using collagen supplements for men… 


1. Collagen for Muscle Health

Collagen is a complex protein containing 19 amino acids. It accounts for up to 10% of muscle, meaning it’s a vital building block for growing, repairing, and maintaining the muscles. 

It helps to keep your muscles strong and functioning properly. Collagen supplements may help men to boost muscle mass, especially if you are beginning to notice a decline in muscle mass/strength due to ageing. 


2. Collagen for Metabolism

One of those 19 amino acids found in collagen is glycine. Glycine is vital for forming muscle tissue and therefore helps to boost muscle mass. This, in turn, boosts metabolism.

So, collagen supplements for men could help you to burn fat more easily, and have increased energy levels as a result of boosted metabolism. 


3. Collagen for Heart Health

It’s thought that using collagen supplements may help reduce the risk of heart-related conditions in men and women. 

Your arteries are partly made up of collagen – these are the blood vessels that carry blood from your heart to the rest of your body, so they’re very important. If you have a lack of collagen, these arteries can become weak and fragile, leading to problems with heart health.

Using collagen supplements may therefore help men to prevent heart-related diseases, especially those which often come with age. 


4. Collagen for Bones and Joints

Collagen supplements may help your joints to move more smoothly, like they do when you’re a kid! This can help to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and prevent joint deterioration. 

Collagen is rich in amino acids that play an important role in the building of bone and cartilage. Therefore, collagen supplements may help men to maintain strong, healthy bones and joints.

It’s also thought that collagen could potentially help those who suffer from arthritis. 


5. Collagen for Hair, Skin, and Teeth

Collagen is a great natural skincare remedy. It improves skin elasticity and moisture, which means fewer wrinkles, and less sagging, dullness, and dry skin. 

Collagen is also a vital building block of our hair, teeth, and nails. It helps to keep them healthy, strong, and less prone to damage or breakage. 

So, collagen supplements may help men who worry about balding or thinning hair, as it could help your hair to grow healthy and thicker. 

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