Hello and welcome to the Wellness Factory vitamin Q&A, hosted by in-house brand Core! Use this article to help determine which of the vitamin sprays you might benefit from…

Q. Best way to improve my low energy or tiredness during the day?

A. What you need: The Energy Supplement. This supplement spray contains B-vitamins, zinc, caffeine, and chromium to help combat tiredness and fatigue, boost metabolism, and help with psychological function. With daily use, this can help you to feel more refreshed and energised. 

Q. How can I get all the vitamins and minerals I need every day?

A. What you need: The Supplement. Most of us simply don’t know which vitamins we need to consume, how much we need to consume, and where they come from. Due to this, many of us don’t get enough essential daily vitamins from our diet alone. 

If you want an easy way to get your daily needs without having to worry about what foods you’ll have to eat, then The Supplement is ideal for you. It contains vitamin C, E, A, K2, D3, and all the B-vitamins. This will ensure your vitamin needs are covered daily, with absolutely no effort! 

If you’re on a vegan diet, it might be hard to get all the B vitamins your body needs, then this spray is essential for you!

Q. Why do I get unwell easily or more often than others? 

A. What you need: The Immunity Supplement. Some of us simply seem to catch a cold, flu or other infections more easily than other people. Not fair, right? Well, there might actually be a reason behind your recurring runny nose, sore throat, and headache. 

If you feel run down and under the weather fairly often (i.e. more than 4 times per year), then it may be because your immune system is struggling. The Immunity Supplement contains a generous dose of vitamin A and E, which are both vital for keeping your immune system healthy to help your body fight off illness properly. 

Q. What happens when I do not get enough natural sunlight every day?

A. What you need: The Winter Supplement. Between the end of September to the end of March, the vast majority of us don’t get enough vitamin D from natural sunlight in the UK (according to the NHS). For the rest of the year, you ideally need to spend some time outside in the sunshine every day. 

The amount of sunlight needed to absorb your daily vitamin D intake varies between individuals. If you have lighter skin, you may only need around 30 minutes of sunshine. If you have darker skin, then you will probably need more.

Many of us spend lots of time inside working or studying, especially during the midday hours. This can make it very difficult to get enough natural vitamin D - bearing in mind we can’t absorb it from sunlight through glass windows. 

The Winter Supplement contains all the vitamin D you need on a daily basis - and no, it’s not exclusive for use during the winter! 

Q. I struggle to fall asleep and/or to stay asleep through the night, how can I improve my sleep?

A. What you need: The Sleep Capsule. If you struggle to get to sleep, staying asleep, or sleeping deeply enough, it can be a huge burden on your life. It can cause you to feel excessively tired, fatigued, and groggy during the day, impacting other areas of your health and your life. 

The Sleep Capsule contains vital vitamins and powerful minerals that help to normalise your energy-yielding metabolism to regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Essentially, it can help you to get better quality sleep the natural way - no artificial sleeping pills with nasty side effects!

Q. I need a full-body detox, but don’t fancy a juice cleanse!

A. What you need: The Detox Capsule. We all feel like we’re in need of a detox from time to time, especially if we’ve over-indulged at the weekend (this feels especially topical as we write this the day after the Easter weekend). 

Using The Detox Capsule daily helps to flush out damaging toxins and keep your liver, immune system, and nervous system healthy, along with a whole host of other benefits. It contains a blend of turmeric powder and other critical nutrients with significant antioxidant properties. 


Q. I have a sensitive stomach and/or suffer from digestive problems, what can ease this?

A. What you need: The Happy Gut Capsule. An unhappy gut can lead to bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, heartburn, indigestion, pain, and loads of other unpleasant effects. It can even lead to skin problems, problems with sleep, and excessive fatigue. 

Since the gut is the ‘second brain’, it’s super important to keep it healthy to keep your whole body and mind healthy. The Happy Gut Capsule contains a complex blend of 15 strains of live bacteria - the good kind. This helps to restore the natural balance of bacteria in your gut to help relieve digestive issues and the nasty symptoms we listed above. 

Q. I can’t stay focused and concentrated at work, school, or uni - help! 

A. What you need: The Brain Capsule Sometimes the mind wanders a little too much and it can be hard to stay productive. Luckily, there is a way to help counteract this without the use of strong pharmaceuticals that can have unpleasant side effects.

This supplement contains a unique blend of mushrooms that help to promote a restful, relaxed state of mind whilst also supporting your physical health. This can enhance mental performance, focus, alertness, concentration, and reaction time - all in a completely natural and holistic way!

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